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Your Office Outing Can be Made More Enjoyable by Renting a Tempo Traveller in Mumbai

June 8, 2022

An office outing is a great way to foster team-building among employees and boost their engagement with your organization. This outing could be an offsite meeting, a well-deserved break, or any corporate event. Now whether the outing is to a location within or outside Mumbai, you will need a mode of transport. If your team size is less than 30 passengers, you can consider renting a tempo traveller.

What is a Tempo Traveller?

A tempo traveller is a light commercial vehicle that can is offered in various configurations between 13 seaters - 26 seaters. It is also known as a compact minibus. It is comfortable and ideal for both short and long journeys from Mumbai.

Why You Should Rent a Tempo Traveller?

Renting a tempo traveller in Mumbai offers the following benefits:

1. You experience a safe and pleasant journey that is very light on the pocket.

2. You get spacious and convenient seats to sit comfortably and stretch yourself.

3. The ample luggage space ensures that you can keep your bags comfortably without compromising the legroom.

4. There is a choice between AC and Non-AC models. Given the Mumbai heat and humidity throughout the year, an AC traveller is usually the preferred choice for most office outings.

5. The availability of a reliable and well-trained chauffeur ensures that you can enjoy your travel with your colleagues in the backseat. You don’t have to worry about driving and navigating in heavy traffic or unknown routes in Mumbai.

6. You get amenities like a music player, first aid kit, recliner seats, etc., depending on the type of tempo traveller you choose.

Why You Should Rent a Tempo Traveller from SimplyTrip?

SimplyTrip is one of the most reputed tempo rental companies in Mumbai. In fact, it is the #1 highest-rated bus rental service company in Mumbai. With a long-standing experience in providing rental vehicles, SimplyTrip promises ease, quality service, and superior customer service.

SimplyTrip understands that every office’s outing requirements are unique. Hence, you can avail any of the three options for renting a tempo traveller:

1. Classic

Are you looking for a budget-friendly tempo traveller? Then, the classic model at affordable rates and with basic amenities is best-suited for you.

2. Prime

This model is ideal when you want to travel with extra comfort. It offers premium upholstered seats, padded armrests, a premium music system, and heavy-duty AC.

3. Prime Executive

A perfect blend of luxury and style, this model is sourced from PKN, the well-known brand for tempo traveller modification. It offers exclusive features such as private lockers, Pioneer/JBL 6 speaker music system, USB charging points, and padded footrests.

The seating capacity of these tempo travellers is 13,17,20 and 26 – you can choose according to your team size for travelling. There is zero booking fee which means you get a fair price and value for money. Given the need for extreme safety and hygiene due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SimplyTrip sanitizes all its tempo travellers with FDA-approved disinfectants and alcohol-based sanitisers. It also conducts daily temperature checks of all its drivers.

You can book tempo travellers for both one-way and round-trip for your office outing with SimplyTrip. Get in touch to know more.