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Why You Should Look for Renting Tempo Traveller for Your Next Resort Trip

September 1, 2022

A trip to a resort is one of the best ways to escape the din and bustle of everyday life and spend some time rejuvenating your mind and body. The trip becomes even more enjoyable or exciting if your family and friends join you. In fact, these days, even organizations plan their events at resorts to break the monotony of the office environment and encourage employees to interact informally.

The resort usually takes care of all arrangements to create an unforgettable experience for you. However, you may still need to arrange transport on your own to travel to and from the resort. If your group size is up to 26 people, you should hire tempo traveller.

It can accommodate both small and large groups comfortably. Whether the resort is located in and around Mumbai or in another city, a tempo traveller is a good option for a comfortable and safe journey.

Here are some more reasons to rent a tempo traveller for your next resort trip:

Comfortable Seating Capacity

A tempo traveller can seat a minimum of 13 people and a maximum of 20-26 people. Hence,it can easily accommodate your group size without congestion. After all, you don’t want the passengers to elbow-jostle inside the vehicle and feel restless in their seats!

A 15 seater bus on rent is also a good option for passenger count between 10 and 15.

Luggage Capacity

If you are travelling to the resort for an overnight or extended trip, the passengers are likely to carry more bags. A tempo traveller can fulfil your luggage requirement. Usually, a tempo traveller has a luggage capacity of 10-20 small bags which can be adjusted on the roof rack/luggage carriers, overhead cabins inside the vehicle or rear boot bags.


How much you are willing to pay for the resort trip transportation is also important is also an important consideration in the choice of vehicle. For example, if you have budget constraints, you can rent a no-frills tempo traveller – it will have the basic features and amenities.


Want to indulge yourself during the journey? Are ready to splash extra bucks on features and amenities? Then, a luxury tempo traveller is a great option. You can look forward to an extra-comfortable and classy experience.


A tempo traveller on rent comes with the availability of a driver. They have experience and familiarity with driving on the route to the resort. They also hold a verified driver’s license and other necessary documents. This ensures that the driver drives the passengers carefully to the resort.

SimplyTrip offers tempo travellers in two variants – Classic and Prime. The Classic variant has a seating capacity of 13-26 passengers and is a budget-friendly hire. The Prime variant is equipped with luxury comforts like premium upholstered seats, ambient lighting, and padded armrests. Both these variants have a luggage capacity of 1 medium-sized bag per passenger. SimplyTrip boards its drivers only after they pass through multi-point audits.

Get in touch with SimplyTrip to rent a tempo traveller for your next resort trip!