Trekking destinations nearby Mumbai

Trekking destinations nearby Mumbai: 6 must-do treks in Maharashtra

July 28, 2022

Maharashtra is brimming with fascinating locations, and all these trekking spots offer a wealth of delightful things to discover. If the sound of water trickling from the falls mesmerizes your soul, or if you find serenity in the vistas of flowers blooming in the wild. Then the following locations in Maharashtra, close to Mumbai, must be visited.

Ratnagad Fort

This fort is a complete gem for both nature and adventure lovers. Many trekkers prefer to visit this fort during the monsoon to witness the breathtaking grandeur of the hills. It is 200 kilometers from Mumbai. You may begin your walk from the base village and then move on to the dense forest, rocky terrain, and streams, which will provide your group with an exciting and unforgettable experience. If you want to go on this weekend adventure with your friends or coworkers, then a tempo traveller would be an ideal choice to transport to this lovely location.


Kalsubai, the tallest peak in Maharashtra and part of the Sahyadri mountain range, can quench your thirst for adventure. For the finest experience, you can start your ascent from Bari village, around 140 miles from Mumbai. Its peak is often referred to as "The Everest of Sahyadri" by thrill-seekers. Your fatigue and exhaustion will go away as soon as you reach the summit because of the magnificent view. You can travel comfortably to this destination with your coworkers by renting a bus or tempo from any private bus service in Mumbai.


This location is ideal for novice trekkers and is very close to Mumbai. If you're planning a trip with your coworkers, you can reach there by hiring a 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, or 20-seater tempo traveller. You will be mesmerized by the lush green landscapes and find peace after reaching the summit while enjoying the natural splendour.

Sagargad Fort

This fort is adorned by flora and appears more beautiful when the monsoon showers spell on it. It is situated in Alibaug and is presently a well-liked location for trekking in Maharashtra. There are numerous beaches to discover, so you may travel by scheduled bus services in Mumbai to get there and spend your holidays with friends and family.

Kothaligad Trek

If you're planning one of the best night hikes near Mumbai with your pals, you can easily book a bus online to Kothaligad. The two caves, one featuring a Goddess and the other named Bhairoba and featuring sculpted pillars, are the main draws of the Kothaligad walk route. Other top attractions are the sunrise and windmill view from the peak's summit. The stunning view of fireflies along the trail during the pre-monsoon season is the prime highlight of this trek.

Trigalwadi Fort

One can savour the captivating beauty of the monsoon season while embarking on this spot. If you and your friends are considering short hikes, you can book any private bus service in Mumbai to get you there because the bus rent per km is less expensive than any other mode of transportation.

How to Travel from Mumbai?

Exploring and experiencing nature's pure essence is best done during the monsoon season. If you are planning an adventure trip with a large family or group of friends, it makes more sense to go by a tempo traveller or a luxury bus in Mumbai. By avoiding driving on slick, rainy roads, you may treasure your time spent having fun with your loved ones and spare yourself the hassle.

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