Hire a Tempo Traveller Through SimplyTrip Anywhere and Anytime

Hire a Tempo Traveller Through SimplyTrip Anywhere and Anytime

Marcg 21, 2023

Some trips are planned and some are spontaneous. Both have their pros and cons.

For example, you have to book railway or flight tickets for planned holidays at least a few weeks in advance. But, you get the peace of mind that you have booked tickets before they become more expensive or get completely sold out. However, in case of cancellation, you will not only feel disappointed but will also probably not get a full refund for the tickets.

On the contrary, the idea of a spur-of-the-moment vacation has a fun and surprise element to it because you never expected it to happen. However, it is more difficult and chaotic to organize because you have to make last-minute transport arrangements.

But… wouldn’t it be great if you could go anywhere, anytime from Mumbai without worrying about these challenges? That’s where a tempo traveller comes into the picture. A tempo traveller allows you to take a holiday to any destination around the year!

Tempo Traveller on rent in Mumbai

SimplyTrip, the highest-rated bus rental service company in Mumbai on Google, provides the best- in-class tempo travellers for all your travel needs. All you need to do is call us directly or fill out a contact form on our website to make the booking.

Our tempo travellers can take you anywhere in and around or outside Mumbai. Whether you want to go to hill stations or pilgrimage sites within Maharashtra or other nearby states, our tempo travellers are always available to serve you.

Moreover, there is no compulsion of time either with our tempo traveller booking. Summer vacations, Christmas and New Year holidays, and long weekends – you decide anytime when you want to travel.

That’s not all. You also have a choice to Tempo Traveller on rent in Mumbai for any event. It could be destination weddings, corporate events and off-sites, picnics, amusement park outings, weekend getaway parties, or any other special occasion.

How to Choose the Right Tempo Traveller?

SimplyTrip offers various options for tempo travellers. Here are some parameters you can consider to find the right one:

1. Seating Capacity

The tempo travellers are available in 12, 15, 17, and 20-seater capacities. You can choose as per the number of travellers in your group.

2. Budget

Whether you want pocket-friendly transport or something that redefines luxury, our tempo travellers can meet budgets of all sizes. The classic variant has basic features and is easy on your wallet. The prime variant is a level above the classic one with plush seats, armrests, individual air conditioning vents, etc. The prime executive is luxury and comfort rolled into one with its premium features and amenities.

3. Destination

A classic tempo traveller is ideal for short-distance travel and intracity commutes. If you are going for a long-distance destination, then the prime variant makes a better choice. The prime executive is a superb choice when you want to travel in ultimate luxury without compromising on comfort, irrespective of a short or long journey.

Next time you want to travel anywhere and need Tempo Traveller on rent, Get in touch with SimplyTrip!