Hire a Mini Bus on Rent in Mumbai: Hassle-Free for Summer Weddings & Events

Hire a Mini Bus on Rent in Mumbai: Hassle-Free for Summer Weddings & Events

May 16, 2023

Stepping out of the home can be a real challenge in the hot and humid summer weather. However, you are hardly left with an option when you have to attend a wedding or any other event with your family or group. The thought of driving to the destination on a means of public transport in or around Mumbai can dampen your mood. Even if you book a flight, it can be a pretty expensive affair.

In such a scenario, you can mini bus in Mumbai. Not sure why? Well, these reasons will convince you.

Easy Management of Large Groups

When you travel in large groups, it can be quite stressful to make travel arrangements and coordinate with everyone. A mini bus hire saves you from the trouble of booking and handling multiple tickets. It is also easy to keep the headcount.

Flexible Pickup and Drop-Off

Summer days make it tiring and unpleasant to walk even a short distance. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a flexible pickup and drop-off facility when you have to go somewhere? If you rent a mini bus, you can request the vehicle rental agency to decide the location for everyone to board and disembark.

Spacious and Adjustable Seats

When you are travelling on a bus in the summer, the last thing you want is to feel sweaty and squashed in a tiny space. A mini bus can easily accommodate 27-35 people without compromising on comfort. The seats are large enough to sit restfully without feeling tiresome. The pushback seats allow you to stretch your back and other muscles or take a good nap.

Plenty Luggage Space

You need ample luggage room to stack your bags which are likely to be more in number for events such as weddings. The mini buses can lodge your bags in a roof rack, overhead cabins inside the vehicle and rear boot space.

Air Conditioning for Cooling

It is impossible to bear the scorching heat without the cooling effect of an air conditioner. If you charter a mini bus, you can enjoy the cool and pleasant air from heavy-duty air conditioner. Some mini buses also have individual air conditioner vents!

SimplyTrip is one of the top agencies in Mumbai that offers mini buses on rentals. You can pick from three variants:

Classic: It has factory-fitted features and is a great option for travellers on a budget.

Prime: This one is a popular choice for wedding purpose booking. It has padded armrests, pushback seats, extra shoulder room, a premium music system and individual air conditioner vents.

Benz Executive: This variant will impress you with its luxurious features. When you want to make sure that the wedding becomes a memorable event for your guests, this mini bus is the one for you.

SimplyTrip also assigns a personal manager to meet all your travel needs. Our drivers are experienced and well-trained so that you travel in safe hands.

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