Tips for Renting a Bus Without Stress and Hassle

Here are 8 Reasons Why a SimplyTrip Bus Rental is Perfect for Your Next Event

May 04, 2023

Be it a destination wedding, corporate off-site meet or any other special event, you will need to arrange transport to travel from one place to another. A bus on hire is a good option for a group of people travelling together.

When it comes to finding a reliable bus rental service company, you should consider SimplyTrip. We are the number one highest-rated bus rental company in Mumbai on Google. Well, apart from this fact, there are several other reasons why you should hire a rental vehicle from us.

1. Choice of Transport

Our fleet contains several types of vehicles for every need. You can choose any vehicle as per the seating capacity or amenities. For example, a tempo traveller is suitable to travel for an event with 13-26 people. Mini buses and other buses can accommodate even larger groups.

2. Features and Amenities

Our vehicles have a wide range of features and amenities to make your event trip comfortable and memorable. You can enjoy spacious seats, ample legroom, sufficient storage space, music, etc. A few of our premium range vehicles even have exclusive features such as private lockers, padded footrests and USB charging points.

3. Value for Money

While we offer a vehicle for every budget, you can always expect value for money. If you choose the Prime or Benz variant of the bus, then you will get the finest comforts and luxuries on board. If you travel by a tempo traveller or mini bus, there will still be no compromise on the comfort factor.

4. Trustworthy Drivers

We select our drivers only after multi-point audits such as experience, expertise, background check and documentation verification. Once we hire them, we provide them necessary training in hygiene, grooming and passenger safety.

5. Sanitisation of Vehicles

We believe in making your event memorable in every way possible, including the safety aspect. Hence, we sanitise our vehicles before and after every trip with FDA-approved disinfectants. All our vehicles are equipped with alcohol-based sanitisers. Our drivers go through daily temperature checks before they start their duty.

6. Personal Travel Assistant

It could become a harrowing experience to manage a group during the journey, especially when you also have an event to take care of. Our personal travel assistant will take charge of the journey, coordinate with all passengers and drivers, give travel updates, and even arrange for food, water and welcome gifts.

7. Safety Onboard

We consider passenger safety as our key priority above everything else. We have placed fire extinguishers and first aid kits in every vehicle. There are emergency exits and ABS and EBD systems in all vehicles. We also inspect and service our vehicles before every trip. Moreover, we follow a strict maintenance schedule at regular intervals, even though our vehicles are relatively new.

8. Trip Reschedules

We understand that you might need to reschedule your trip in case there are some issues with your event. We allow minor reschedules at no extra charge and within 1-2 hours for one-way trips. However, a standard hourly rate may apply after that.

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