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Best winter holiday destinations in India

October 20, 2022

India is blessed with the chilly atmosphere that can bind you under a tyrant's spell with its lovely mist, dazzling snow, and crisp, cold wind. Images of snow-covered mountains, clear ponds, and rooftops are like an elixir that draws travellers joy. India's winter, often known as the "Pink" season, is the ideal time to discover breathtaking mountain views, picture-perfect lakes, and other treasures of nature.

In this misty and cold weather, the wanderers pack their bags to discover unexplored destinations rather than merely relaxing in a warm corner of their room with cosy blankets. Some prefer to enjoy these charismatic experiences with their family and friends. We have put together this extensive list of the top locations to visit in India in winter for those who enjoy travelling, especially in the cold months. These destinations will uplift your soul. You can visit these spots by booking a bus or tempo from any bus rental service.


Goa has boisterous nightclubs, lively people, and delectable food—everything that creates an electrifying scene. It is amongst the most well-liked winter holiday destinations in India. The best time to experience Goa's high spirits is in the winter, right before the Christmas Carnival and New Year's Eve. Exuberance can be observed in every nook and cranny of Goa, whether it be an outdoor party on the beach or a high-profile gathering at a restaurant. If you are a Mumbaikar on a short family holiday, the ideal way to enjoy the Goa trip is to rent a bus with a driver and lose yourself in India's party capital.


Let's all agree that Rajasthan will always be charming, regardless of the season. The finest locations to visit during the winter in Rajasthan are Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. While you spend the day immersed in history and architecture, desert safaris and lakes begin to appear on your itinerary by nightfall. These magnificent towns, which are a part of the Thar Desert, truly represent the vibrant Rajasthani culture. You can get there by booking any private bus service.

The Great Rann of Kutch - Gujarat

Winter snow is well countered by a vast, white desert! The best time to travel to Gujarat's Rann of Kutch is in the colder months. It is advised to travel to the Rann of Kutch during mid-December since that is when Gujarat hosts the Rann Utsav, one of the state's most peculiar events. A camel ride on a moonlit night is a must here. Visit this moon-like desert of India in the winter for a unique experience that will leave you completely enchanted with its winter beauty.

How can you get to these winter vacation spots?

If you are planning a holistic tour with a large group of family or friends, you must rent a tempo traveller. By renting a minibus with a capacity of 20 from SimplyTrip that has adequate space for your family, you can escape the hassle of driving and share the scenic ride with your loved ones. This winter, we invite you to get out of your blanket and discover these famous winter tourist places in India.