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Top 5 Luxury Bus on Rent Tips for Your Next Corporate Event & Offsite - SimplyTrip

June 24, 2022

Whether it is a corporate event or an offsite holiday for employees, it is important to give them the best experience. It will build your company’s goodwill and go a long way in retaining them for the long term. A luxury bus is one of the travel elements that make the journey smooth and unforgettable. A hassle-free and premium ride will enable your employees to explore the surroundings en route and have a merry time with their peers.

Before you hire a luxury bus on rent in Mumbai for your next office event, here are some tips to bear in mind.

1. Consider the Group Size

How many employees would be traveling by bus? The headcount will help you to decide whether you need to rent a Mini bus from the likes of Bharat Benz or a large Executive Coach from the likes of Volvo, Scania & or Mercedes Benz.

2. Bus Model and Condition

A luxury bus should have nothing but the best in looks and performance. You should check whether the bus model is of a premium category. For example, the Bharat Benz model is considered one of the prime luxury models in the Mini bus on rent category.

The condition and overall look and feel of the luxury bus also matter. Find out how old the model is, when the last repairs were undertaken, whether it has met any previous accidents, and what the condition of seats, upholstery, overhead luggage space, windows, and doors is. This kind of elaborate check will ensure the safety and comfort of the employees.

3. Amenities

When you speak of hiring a luxury bus, you expect a few amenities. It could be leather and reclining seats, comfortable armrests, television and music system, complimentary Wi-Fi, ample legroom, personal air-conditioning, mobile charging outlet, medical safety kit, panic button, etc.

Determine what amenities you need and make your decision accordingly.

4. Safety

The luxury aspect of the bus should not compromise the safety of your employees. Make sure that the bus offers the best-in-class safety features that can make the employees feel secure and guarantee their safety. The bus should also be able to absorb the shock of poor conditions on the road smoothly without sacrificing the safety & comfort of the employees.

5. Rental Bus Agency

The luxury bus experience also depends on the Luxury bus rental agency. You should always hire the bus from a reliable and reputed agency. Always check how much expertise and experience the agency has in the industry. You can read online testimonials and reviews, if available. Find out whether the agency has all the necessary approvals, registered documents, and verified and trained drivers.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and experienced bus rental agency, you can consider SimplyTrip. It is the #1 highest-rated bus on hire company in Mumbai. It provides luxury buses sourced from Bharat Benz & Volvo Buses. These buses are an amalgamation of luxury and comfort with several sophisticated amenities. It is fitted with a four-wheel glide air suspension at both front and rear to safeguard the passengers against harsh road conditions and the feeling of undulations.

SimplyTrip hires its drivers only after a multi-point audit and trains them for different driving speeds and driving conditions. It also undertakes regular maintenance of its vehicles, conducts vehicle checks before every trip, and strictly adheres to COVID-19 sanitization and protocols.

Get in touch with SimplyTrip to book your luxury bus.