How to hire the right bus or tempo traveller on rent in Mumbai

How to hire the right bus or tempo traveller on rent in Mumbai: The Travelling Basics

May 31, 2022

The joy of travel is unparalleled. It fills you with anticipation of good times with family, friends, colleagues, or whoever is accompanying you on the trip. When you are travelling, you want to enjoy every moment without any hassle. A rental bus or tempo Traveller can make your travel extremely convenient.

However, choosing the right mode of transport can be a difficult decision. So, here are some factors you need to bear in mind to make the right choice:

1. Number of Travellers

If your requirement for seats is between 10 and 26 seater options, a tempo traveller would be the most ideal rental option. However, if your requirement for seats is between 27 to 50 seaters, then going for a bus on rent would make more sense.

2. Purpose and Duration of Trip

The duration & destination of the trip is an important point of consideration when deciding to choose between a tempo traveller or a Bus.

For a 2-5 day trip, covering not more than 1500 kms, a tempo traveller on rent makes perfect sense. If you haven’t travelled via a tempo traveller, we would recommend that you visit the vehicle and experience the comfort it has to offer before finalizing on the exact vehicle.

For a travel itinerary that spans over 7 days, we would only recommend that you book buses for the same even if your passenger count is lesser than 20.

3. Comfort:

For longer journeys, we would recommend that you hire only the Prime & Prime Executive Tempo Travellers as they offer pushback seats with armrests, footrests & charging points inside the traveller making for a comfortable outstation travel option.

Buses, in general, are quite comfortable regardless of the variant for both long-distance journeys as well as short-distance journeys. If your budget permits, then we definitely recommend that you experience the comfort that the Luxury Buses on Rent can offer.

4. Budget

Tempo Travellers and Buses are the cheapest mode of transportation for a group road trip. Nothing beats the per-seat cost of booking tempo travellers or hiring buses in Mumbai.

If you’re tighter on the budget side, we only recommend you opt for Classic Tempo Travellers & Buses.

5. Flexibility

Group outstation trips usually have a flexible itinerary. You should roughly have an idea of the itinerary or the places you’d like to visit so as to ensure that you obtain accurate prices.

SimplyTrip obtains detailed information regarding your trip itinerary and ensures the same is communicated with the drivers to ensure no miscommunication & smooth operations. In addition to this, we also offer a KM pack within your rental pricing which you can use in any way your group sees fit, provided the Maharashtra permit accommodates the usage.

6. Vehicle Condition

The Vehicle condition & age are the two most important variables when it comes to booking your tempo traveller or Bus.

We recommend that you only book vehicles no older than 2 years old if you & your group are planning a journey that is above 900 Kms. Only opt for reliable bus rental agencies that have a reputation of being extremely reliable and customer-centric.

7. Driver Verification

Find out whether the driver has enough experience to navigate the vehicle on that route. You should also verify his driving license & if he has an RTO badge certifying him to be a skilled driver to undertake interstate routes.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable bus on rent or tempo rental agency, SimplyTrip Mumbai is the right choice for you. We offer tempo travellers on rent and buses on rent as per all your travel needs with a promise of ease, quality, and safety. We ensure that vehicles are maintained in the best conditions and that only the best drivers are onboarded!

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