5 Epic Winter Vacation Ideas from Mumbai to Escape the Cold in 2022

5 Reasons to Plan a Winter Road Trip with a Tempo Traveller on Rent

January 13, 2023

The winter season is one of the best times to plan a trip to surrounding destinations from Mumbai. The weather is pleasant and the breeze is just nippy enough to give you the wintry touch. The sky is light and clear and the sunshine feels good on your skin.

Most importantly, you are in the mood to enjoy the winter holidays and New Year's Eve with your family and friends. What is more fun than going on a road trip with your loved ones? A road trip is not only great for bonding with each other, but it also gives a sense of adventure.

Once you have finalised the winter destination, you need to arrange for safe and reliable transport. If your group size is somewhere between 10 and 25, you can consider a tempo traveller on rent. A tempo traveller is a light commercial vehicle that looks like a minibus.

Here are five reasons why a tempo traveller rental is a good option for your winter road trip:

1. Flexible Itinerary

A tempo traveller remains at your disposal throughout the trip. You can customise the itinerary as per your travel needs. You can decide on the pick-up and drop-off destination. You can plan the sightseeing spots you want to cover during the trip. You can also take pit stops for food or other purposes at your convenience.

2. Comfortable Seating Arrangement

There should be no compromise on comfort during a road trip, especially if it is long-distance. A tempo traveller is fitted with cushy and spacious seats for all passengers to sit and relax. The seat upholstery is made from soft fabric to ensure that you don’t feel any uneasiness. You can recline the seats when you want to take a nap or sleep.

3. Ample Luggage Space

A tempo traveller can easily accommodate 10-20 small bags on the roof rack/luggage carriers, overhead cabins inside the vehicle or rear boot bags. You can decide what type of luggage you want to carry and discuss it with the tempo traveller agency to adjust it accordingly.

4. Hassle-Free Drive

You don’t need to worry about driving through the traffic or difficult terrains for your road trip. The tempo traveller driver is trained and experienced to navigate the vehicle safely. Just focus on enjoying a good time with your group!

5. Suitable for Every Budget

A tempo traveller comes in different variants in terms of budget and amenities. For example, a budget-friendly tempo traveller is factor-fitted with basic features. However, a luxury tempo traveller is a better option if you want features such as a heavy-duty air conditioner, music system, premium upholstered seats with padded armrests and footrests, USB charging points and private lockers.

SimplyTrip owns a fleet of best-in-class tempo travellers for road trips in and around Mumbai. It offers tempo travellers in three variants – Classic, Prime and Prime Executive. You can choose a tempo traveller as per your travel requirements. We conduct exhaustive background verification of our drivers and ensure that they have extensive driving experience.

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